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Realtor, Mark Seiden, Coldwell Banker NY: "I have been placing my name and photo on supermarket carts for almost three years. It's amazing, and I never thought I would be saying this, but the exposure has been absolutely extraordinarily incredible."

Realtor, Bobbie Eudene, Century 21 NY "Dear Peter, several years ago, you walked into my office and "sold" me on working with you an ADcart to increase my advertising exposure by putting my name and picture on the shopping carts at Turco's and now at Stop & Shop. You "sold" me on a concept that really works. The Exposure has been fantastic, my business has grown as a result, and you made it happen! Please feel free to use me as a reference."

Mortgage Banker, Daniel B. Smith, Michigan: "It's [shopping carts] the #1 marketing tool I have!"

Hospital / Medicine, Vassar Brothers Hospital NY– " After a years worth of advertising [on shopping carts], I can enthusiastically say that our goal [community health awareness programs] is being met."

Insurance, Allstate, Marie Gary, Montana : "I have had more comments from customers and potential customers about seeing this ad than anything I have ever done in advertising…."

Childcare / Daycare, Heathers Child Place, NY: "Last year when I was first approached I decided to try it once……. . It was an unqualified success. My child care center and nursery school are filled to capacity."

Chiropractic, Liberty Corner Chiropractic Center, NJ - "With Adcart, we not only got the desired exposure, we also became a familiar face in the community. It has been well worth the investment."

Eyecare / Vision, American Eyes, NJ - "We highly recommend this form of advertising to any business with the assurance that they will greatly benefit from the results of their ad."

Attorney / Lawyer, Dennis J. Lamb, NY – "But there is another factor at play that I am becoming aware of that accounts for my obtaining business derived from Adcart. I call it the subliminal effect."

Plumbing, Zot Plumbing & Heating, CT – "There hasn't been a week that has gone by that someone hasn't mentioned to us that they saw Zot’s Plumbing at the grocery store."

Automobile Dealers, Greer Toyota, NY: "Your program is a great way to reach hundreds of people with our name and what we offer."

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